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KRP-2135 #1

Water Return Freeze Plug Kit


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  • 6061 aluminum construction
  • Anodized black
  • Comes in a kit of 4
  • Now with Female #8 O-ring Threads

Female #8 O-RING Threads



A great item from King Racing Products are these Water Return Freeze Plugs.  Designed to be installed in the side of your engine block to pull water out and return it back to the radiator.  These precision machined plugs knock right into where the Freeze Plugs are on your engine block.  This will make your motor run much cooler and is called reverse cooling. The female #8 O-ring threads make pluming simple & the diameter of the plugs are 1.626" with +001 / -0.00 diameter.
Easy to install and comes in a kit of (4).

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