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Tire Vac


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The King tire vac is designed for the racer that wants to keep there tire pressure from increasing while racing. Tire pressure build up is caused by moisture in the air that is supplied through your compressor when mounting your tire. The tire vac will extract the air & moisture out of your tire and then you can fill it with dry nitrogen. This will help keep your tire pressure consistent throughout the night. Very easy to use and effective.

To complete the assembly you will need to install a male Q/R air flitting with male 1/4npt threads. Install your air fitting into the black adapter that is installed at the opposite end of the muffler. Please make sure to use thread sealant when installing your fitting. Next clip the Q/R hose end onto your valve stem and hook up your air hose from your compressor. The vacuuming will start. When completed remove the Q/R end from the valve stem and inflate your tire with nitrogen and go racing.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us!

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