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KRP-5050 #1

5LB Fire Suppression Kit Sfi 17.3 (Woo)


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  • >Novec 1230 gas system knocks down fires fast and directly dissipates heat.
  • >5lb system for full coverage of the driver.
  • >Automatic fire detection and deployment. Secondary manual activation.
  • >Constant Discharge Technology allows for effective fire suppression in full 360° bottle orientation - however your car lands, you’re covered!
  • >Carefully designed specifically for Sprint Cars in order to mount under the seat and aimed to attack the most likely sources of ignition (ex. Fuel lines, pump)
  • >Lightweight system weighing in at just 7lbs (includes 5lbs of Novec)! Lightest SFI 17.3 Sprint Car System on the market!

Lifeline Fire Bottle Kit (World Of Outlaw Legal 17.3 Sfi Rated



Our new sprint car system is specifically designed to meet the needs of its drivers. This unit is designed for sprint cars and is World Of Outlaw approved & legal. The awesome thing about this unit is its 360 degree discharge orientation, what this means no mater what angle of direction the car is in the Novec 1230 gas will discharge to help knock down & dissipate the heat. Installing is quick & easy, the design in made to mount on the diagonal bar on the left side of the seat. The nozzle will then be pointed at the drivers compartment where the fuel pump is mounted. These have been track tested & are proven to help when needed. Comes with a 6ft pull cable and of course the trick large billet mounting clamp.

Kit includes:
- 1x Fitted Manual Nozzle
- 1x Fitted Automatic Detection Nozzle
- 1x 6ft Pull Cable
- 1x Billet Mounting Clamp

We recommend that you use 2 clamps, you can purchase them separately. Part # KRP-5050-C

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