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Electric 55gal Drum Pump W/FLOW Meter


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  • Made for Methanol or Ethanol, Attention: Not for Gasoline or Diesel**
  • Electric 12V power drum pump with flow meter and telescopic suction tube
  • Flow Meter measures flow rate of liquid running through our pump
  • Flow Rate: 4.2 Gallon per Minute or 16 Liters per Minute



Tired of using the old hand pump and not being able to know how much fuel is getting into your jug? Well here is what you need! This electric 55 gallon drum pump is designed for methanol and pumps a little over 5.4 gallons in 1 minute. The in line meter reads exactly how much liquid is going into your fuel jug. This is a must have tool for anyone pumping there own fuel out of a drum.

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