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KRP-1785 #1

HP Split Bearing Bird Cages


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Track Tested & Proven on the Chassis Dyno.  These are the Bird Cages you will want to have to keep your car rolling freer thru the corner and faster down the straight away.  Machined from 7075 Billet Aluminum these new HP bird cages are the nicest on the market.  The split wide bearing design spreads the load out on the axle so there is no deflection, which equals less drag & allows more horsepower to the rear wheels.  The top radius rod pick up is ultra-strong with a dual tab design which pinches the rod end for extra strength.  The tight ratio top to bottom pick up design helps the car drive forward harder than any other bird cage on the market.  Now just add our billet rear torsion arms and you will have the strongest assembly on the market.
These Bird Cages Come Complete With Bearings, Hardware And Like All The Other King Racing Products They Are Anodized Black


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